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1089My name is Benjamin Hopfer and I was born and raised near Graz, Austria. I always had a strong interest in problems of all kinds, especially riddles, math problems, and algorithmic problems. Because my Mechanical Engineering education in high school could not provide me with the kind of tasks I love, I started studying Computer Science in 2004. Between receiving my Bachelor’s degree and starting my Master’s studies, I worked eight months as a Software Tester with IBM at the Fortis Bank in Brussels, Belgium.

I received my Master’s degree in 2012 and stayed at the Grazer Wechselseitige insurance company to complete and integrate my life insurance calculation core, which replaced most of the existing cores of the company and its subsidiaries. After the main integration work was done, I left the company as planned in 2014.

At the moment I’m a freelancing software engineer and work primarily over the internet. For interesting projects, I’m also willing to temporarily relocate to anywhere in the world. The technologies I worked with lately are C#.net (ASP.net, MS Sql/SqlCe, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server), C++ (vtk, Qt, CMake, Visual Studio, git), and Android. In addition I’m always interested in learning new technologies and will adapt my rate accordingly during the learning phase.

You can reach me via email at contact@benjaminhopfer.com.

Benjamin Hopfer – Curriculum Vitae


  1. Hi Benni, ich wünsche Dir das Allerbeste zum Geburtstag!!!

    VLG, Alex

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